Wooden exterior doors 
Exterior doors at the same time is any home, apartment or office business card and guard. Doors depending on their design improves building stylistically as well as serves as one of the most important security features that protect from unwanted visitors, noise and performs insulation function. 

Wooden interior doors 
Wooden interior doors will give the premises a cozy and natural atmosphere, besides variously painted or lacquered they will suit any interior. Wooden interior doors treated with a suitable varnish is easy to maintain and retain their visual merits in a maximum period. Interior doors can be opened or slided and wood can be combined with a variety of glass elements, making interior doors finer and allowing the light to flow between rooms. 

We offer wooden interior doors and exterior doors by design and shade matching to overall interior.

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Windows are made of pine, ash or oak We offer wooden profile (depth 68mm and/or 78mm) double glazed windows by German technology from environmentally friendly, natural materials. For production of windows are used three times glued pine wooden blanks. 

Wood profile windows have high heat and sound insulation, it is provided by technologically properly prepared and treated wood profile and accordingly selected double glazed windows.

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One of the best window structure improvements created by modern technologies - is double-glazed windows. Glass thermal conductivity is approximately 2.5 times higher than PVC material, and about 20 times higher than air. Therefore, in plastic windows instead of conventional glass are used glass package. They are hermetically fastened glasses, between which is filled air. In our window structure we are using specialized glass - energy saving glass. Such effect can be achieved by coating the glass with a thin metal oxide layer. You must be aware that without selective coating, in double glass package it is not possible to achieve normative ration for living quarters - 1,8 W/m2*K. Double glazed window composition and thickness can be varied in a wide range. The most common variant that is suitable for our climate, is 24 millimeters thick single-chamber glass packages, their formula 4-16- 4. This means that two 4 mm thick glass with 16 mm distance between them are connected in a "monolith", along the perimeter of with is stretching a thin perforated aluminum frame filled with silicate gel or other desiccant. The gel absorbs residual moisture between the glasses, protecting the glass from sweating. New moisture from the ends will not get there anymore, since all the end block is filled with silicone sealant. For protection against breaking in sometimes is put external triplex glass, 6 mm thick, which is very difficult to break. 24 mm thick single-chamber glass package reduces noise two times (by 20 to 25 decibels). Two-chamber glass package makes the external noises quieter about 40-42 decibels.

Wooden profile windows have a high thermal and sound insulation, it provides technologically properly prepared and processed wood in accordance with the selected profile and double-glazed windows.

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